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The Basics
Nickname: Sylverz or Elvendork
Age: 13
Location: Kawartha Lakes

Wrock or Harry Potter related
Favorite Wizard Rock Band: []Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls[/url]
Favorite Wizard Rock Song: Lupin's Tale (Where Are We Going) - OBatR
Are you in a Wrock Band? No, I have no talent.
If so, which one? -
If not, what would be call your Wrock band if you had one? Uhm, SQUEE!
Which Hogwarts house are you/would like to be in? HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER!
Why? Uhm, because it's the best damn house i've been sorted into.
Favorite Harry Potter character: Tonks! She rules!
Harry Potter character that represent you the best: Ginny looks, Hermione brains.
What is your favorite Harry Potter book? you honestly expect me to pick ONE?
Why? Uhm, it's a freaking awesome book series. I highly recommend it.

Favorite color: Yellow ftw!
Favorite ice cream flavor: Brownie Batter Blizzard
Do you think these questions are silly? Somewhat!
How did you discovered this forum? Miss Tonks herself, Chele!

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