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Bre: Totally New to the Board! Empty Bre: Totally New to the Board!

Post  bre on Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:57 pm

The Basics about my actual name :Bre?
Location:Nashville TN

Wrock or Harry Potter related
Favorite Wizard Rock Band:Oooooo, that changes on a biweekly basis: right now I'm crazy over Ministry of Magic, Split Seven Ways, and Riddle TM.
Favorite Wizard Rock Song:That most certainly changes alot.
Are you in a Wrock Band?: Yes.
If so, which one? I hate to throw around names and myspaces when I haven't uploaded anything--but ahwells. "In Essence Divided"
If not, what would be call your Wrock band if you had one?
Which Hogwarts house are you/would like to be in?: Slytherin.
Why?: I have my reasons, though I'd like to point out that I'm not evil, and I certainly don't have anything against muggleborns.
Favorite Harry Potter, Remus, Snape!, Regulus!, Lily, Luna, and NEVILLE.
Harry Potter character that represent you the best: A strange mix of Neville, Luna, and Snape.
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?:I've always loved the third and first--but I'm pretty sure that the seventh would be truer to claim!
Why?: The first and third because of the memories attached to them (The same goes for the seventh really, as I'll stand by july 20th 2007 being the best day/night in my life.)

Favorite color:Green
Favorite ice cream flavor:MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!! Oh Egads, I want some now!
Do you think these questions are silly?: Oh yes, but then again they are relevant as well.
How did you discovered this forum?: I don't remember, I think I crossed it on facebook.

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Bre: Totally New to the Board! Empty Re: Bre: Totally New to the Board!

Post  Hilary on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:11 am

Hi Bre,

Another Slytherin Very Happy and a new band Very Happy Let us know when you're ready to turn it loose on the world!

Oh and Mint Choc Chip ftw!
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