The Remus Lupins... 6/25-6/27

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The Remus Lupins... 6/25-6/27 Empty The Remus Lupins... 6/25-6/27

Post  D-Darling on Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:16 pm

The Remus Lupins... with Gred and Forge... will be in Tulsa (I think Jarrod's with him there, stupid dialup) on the 25th, in St. Louis on the 26th (thursday), and in Champaigne, IL... on the 27th (friday night). xD

I'm going to at least one of these. The St. Louis one. I want to go to the Champaigne one... but I'm not sure I can get off work yet. >.> OMG awesome.

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