Help Needed (Magical Act of Kindness)

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Help Needed (Magical Act of Kindness) Empty Help Needed (Magical Act of Kindness)

Post  Vulcaine7 on Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:47 pm

Okay guys.

We have a situation here... as some of you may know Jenn/The Vanishing Cabinet 's computer died and today a Tech Guy to a lot at it and she lost everything... Documents, pictures, music, programs and even worst, the recordings of The Vanishing Cabinet.

Since it's a really hard situation for Jenn, I'd want to do something special for her... I'd love to be able to at least give her back some music to help her deal with this.

So what I'm asking you, could you guys send me Wrock songs to this address: and I will buy a USB key to send Jenn!

What I already have for the Key:
Wake Up Harry EP - Catchlove
Hufflepizza EP - JFF
Still Recruiting EP - Gryffindor Common Room Rejects
Musical Decree Number Twenty-Four EP - The Weasel King
Spells From a Broken Wand - The Remus Lupins
I Was a Teenage Werewolf - The Remus Lupins
Welcome to the House of Awesome - The Whomping Willows
WWIII - The Whomping Willows
Rock 'N Roll Redux EP - The Whompins Willows
The Pink Album - Tonks & The Aurors
Non-Alcoholic - The Butterbeer Experience
Family Tree - The House of Black
Half The Band I Used To Be - Gred and Forge
Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills - JFF
Live from Hogwarts - JFF
142 Staircases EP
Pop Songs for Muggles Tour EP - Diagon Alley
Draco and the Malfoys - DatM
Party Like Your Evil - Draco and the Malfoys
Family EP - Draco and the Malfoys
Letters From Hogwarts - TWLOHA

Please guys, she need us!


PS: feel free to send this message around!

Edited to add: If you send large files, please send it by Wink

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