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Post  Vulcaine7 on Thu Apr 03, 2008 11:19 pm

Here's a little something to get to know you a little better.

Just copy/paste this form in a new topic with either your nickname as subject or some witty comment!

Also, it will help the administration to know who are real members and who are spammers... You have a month to introduce yourself and/or start posting, if you don't, your account will be deleted.

Introduction Form
The Basics

Wrock or Harry Potter related
Favorite Wizard Rock Band:
Favorite Wizard Rock Song:
Are you in a Wrock Band?
If so, which one?
If not, what would be call your Wrock band if you had one?
Which Hogwarts house are you/would like to be in?
Favorite Harry Potter character:
Harry Potter character that represent you the best:
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?

Favorite color:
Favorite ice cream flavor:
Do you think these questions are silly?
How did you discovered this forum?


There you are, now it's time to introduce yourself! Feel free to add more stuff to your introduction if you're feeling inspired.

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